School re-opened for the students after a long and relaxing summer vacation on Friday June 15, 2018. A special assembly was conducted int he school hall by the students of Std X-A. The newcomers from Std V to VIII were welcomed into the Blaisian family by our Headmistress Sr. Bindu. Also a new teacher Mrs. Anagha Bapat was welcomed into our esteemed institution. All the classes from Std V to X had a fun filled activity session in their own respective classrooms conducted by their class teachers.

The activities performed were as follows:

  1. Welcome back to school banner
  2. Classes were decorated with smileys
  3. Singing songs
  4. Students spoke about their favourite subjects , hobbies
  5. Listening and movement activity – “Sumon says with pritionary
  6. Identify the animals by its sound
  7. Motivational movies/small films were shown such as Help, Butterfly , Circus, strong will power, Successful people.
  8. A skit on “Clean Indian, Green India”
  9. Solving puzzles, riddles
  10. Action to their names and introduce themselves
  11. Story telling
  12. Spot Prizes
  13. Jumbled words
  14. Groups were formed and row wise competitions were held.