An orientation programme entitled ‘Positive Thinking’ was held for teachers of all the 3 sections in the school hall on June 13, 2015

  The resource person was a very dynamic and young Priest Rev. Fr. Sandeep Borges.
   The session began at 9.30 a.m. sharp  and was very enjoyable. Father made us understand that ‘Life’ is a unique gift given to each one of us by God and that we can express our gratitude towards the Almighty by spending our lives in the service of others, thus enriching and enhancing the quality of our own lives After all it is rightly said – The good that you do returns. He also emphasized saying that teaching is a vocation……’A call to serve others.’
   This session made us to learn to take charge and control of our lives in our own hands and also made us aware of the tremendous power we hold to shape and form the minds and hearts of the numerous students we teach, leaving on them the imprint of our own personality and character.
  The programme was truly enlightening. At the end of the session we teachers were filled with loads of positive energy and enthusiasm ready to take on the challenges this new academic year that stands ahead of us has to offer.