Manager's Message

Dear Students, Parents and my Staff members,

I take this opportunity at the onset of my tenure as the Manger of this school to share with you my personal ethos.
When I was ordained a priest, I chose my ordination logo to be “Behold here I am to live for you and others”. It is a challenge that I try and live up to each and every day. I dedicate myself and my energies to this institution and to each of you, so that each of us may grow in this environment and realize our potential to the fullest.

A simple acronym
T – together
E – everyone
A – achieves
M – more

brings home a the powerful truth that when we all toil with a common objective, then our collective achievement will far surpass that which any one of us can do alone.

I paraphrase Robert Shuller who said that “For God, every person is a gold mine of hidden potential”. It is therefore beholden for us as parents and educators to identify the talents that God has bestowed on each of these children entrusted to our care and then help nurture them so that they will excel at that skill.
I ask you to join me on this journey together and wish you well at the start of this academic year.

Best wishes and God bless

Fr. Adrian