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A warm welcome to St.Blaise High School. We are conscious of the trust you place in us and look forward to working with you to achieve our shared aspirations for your child. Ours is a close knit school with positive ethos. Since its inception St. Blaise High School has aimed for and achieved consistent results academically. Most students are able to secure admission into colleges of their choice.

We live in an interconnected and complex world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Preparing our children to succeed in this challenging environment. Indeed it requires a dynamic school that can turn learning into a life long journey of enquiry and discovery, culminating in knowledge that matters.

We believe that all Blaisians can be encouraged to do their best in a positive, hard working, learning environment. Our staff is committed to every student achieving the highest standards of education and behaviour.


English Elocution

English Elocution held on 16th July, 208 between Std V - VI Judges: Mrs. Shalitha Mathias and Mrs. Alka Gonsalves Std - V : 1st place - Angle Fernandes (5-D) 2nd place - Tanishka Dudhwakar (5- B) , Cris Lobo (5 - D), Gargi Rahate (5 - C) Std VI :1st place -Dionna...

Solo Singing Competition Std 7th and 8th

Solo singing competition held on 14th July, 2018 between Std 7th and 8th Std 7th : Ryan Rodrigues (VII - C)  and Iqra Shaikh (VII - C) Std 8th : Aurynzyl Goshroy (VII-B) and Nimisha Ambre - (VII - D) Judges : Miss Marita D'souza and Mrs. Shilpa Phadke Teacher...

Quiz Competition

Quiz competition held between std VII and VIII on Friday July 13, 2018 Std VII won the quiz. Teacher in charge - Mrs. Yvonne Moraes

Marathi Elocution

Marathi Elocution held on 7/7/2018 between Std V and VI Winners : Std V - 1st prize - Gargi Rahate - V-C    and 2nd prize - Mrudulaa Khonde - V-B Std VI - 1st prize - Diona Sequeira - VI-A  and 2nd prize - Vrushali Mahindrakar -VI -C Judges: Mrs. Vaishali Rane  and...

English Elocution

English Elocution between Std VII and VIII held on 6th July 2018 Std 7th - 1st prize - Dalene Fonseca - VII - B & Krupa Savade - VII -C 2nd Prize - Adeina D'souza - VII-D  & Nikhil Suvarna - VII - D Std 8th - 1st prize - Nimisha Ambre - VIII -D 2nd prize - Zia D'souza...

English Extempore Competition

English Extempore competition held between Std IX and X held on 4th July, 2018 Std X Winners: 1st place - Jambenal Arohi (X-C)  and 2nd place - Cardoz Sharlyn (X-A) Std IX Winners - 1st place - Fernandes Aria (IX-D) and 2nd place - Creado Alvina (IX - D) Judges for...

Solo singing Competition

Solo Singing competition held on 3rd July 2018 for Std V and VI Winner are: Std V First Place - Angel Fernandes - 5-D Second Place - Gargi Rahate - 5 -C Third Place - Yonelle D'abreo - 5 -A Std -VI First place - Diona Sequeira - 6-A Second Place - Ruth Fernandes - 6 -...


Marathi debate was held on Saturday June 30, 2018 between Green v/s Yellow House. Yellow house won the debate. Best Speakers: Miss Sharlene Cardoz (Yellow house)   Master Abner Fernandes (Green house) Judges : Mrs. Shejal K. Dicholkar, Mrs. Virginia D'cunha Teacher in...